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  • 24 hours processing time
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  • Be at least 18 years old with a valid driver license
  • 24 hours processing time


The Universal Translation of

International Drivers License

(UTDL), which is very often called by people as the IDL (International Driver License), is a translation of the information contained in a national driver license into 11 major languages: English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, Greek, and Arabic. This document might help drivers to overcome problems relating to various language barriers while driving a vehicle in different countries. The universal translation of driver’s license, issued by Universal Driver's Club, consists of two parts – the passport like booklet and a non-government identification card.

Traveling as a tourist in a country where the language is different from yours, you might face difficulties dealing with local authorities or car rental agencies, as they will not be able to understand the information included in your native driver license. In this case, your international driver license, presented together with the original - government issued driver license, will eliminate this misunderstanding. The UTDL alone cannot be used as a valid driving document, as it is just an interpretation of the information enclosed in the original driver’s license. Remember, it is illegal to drive a vehicle with the UTDL only. The International driver’s license MUST be accompanied by a current and not suspended national driver’s permit.

The application process is very simple and takes just a few minutes. You only need to fill out the UTDL application and provide us with a scanned image of your current driver license, signature, and color picture. This process can be easily performed online, or you can fill out the application manually and send it to us by regular mail, along with all necessary documents.

The International Driver's Licence should not be confused with the " International Driver Permit " which is issued by local automotive associations, and does not provide with ID card.
Your Application will be processed within
24 hours or less

International Driver's Document itself is a non-government, passport-like booklet which has a purpose to serve just as an interpretation of the information containing in your native driver license. This document can only be used in conjunction with your valid national driver document and never as a driving document alone. IDL cannot be used in the territory where your original driver license has been issued.


Remember, it is illegal to drive using the IDL ! If you wish to use the US driver license outside of the U.S. territories you can contact AAA or NAC companies, the only authorized vendors by the US Department of State, for the information regarding the international driver permit.