About UTDL

An International Driver ID is a Universal Translation of government issued Driver License (UTDL) into major world languages. Sometimes , this document is also called by different sources of information as the International Driver License (IDL) or International Driver Document (IDD). The International Driver ID is not a international driving permits however, it can be very helpful for tourist willing to travel abroad.

The importance of this document is obvious, as a language barrier is one of the major issues an international traveler might deal with. Therefore, having the International Driver ID helps tremendously to overcome misunderstandings between a country’s officials if they will not be able to interpret the information containing in your native driver license.

In order to get the UTDL you have to be at least 18 years old and to possess a valid, not revoked or suspended, government issued driver license.

The period of validity of your International Driver ID depends on the expiration date shown on this document and the date displayed on your home issued driver license, whichever expires earlier.

Please note that your valid National Driver License must accompany your UTDL at all times. The Universal Translation of the Driver License alone cannot be used as a valid driving document. Remember, it is illegal to drive using the International Driver ID without original and valid Driver’s License!

The Universal Translation of Driver’s License cannot be used in the territory where your original International Driver License has been issued.